New Minn Kota E-Drive Motor Systems

E-Drive Electric Outboard 
Minn Kota's powerful E-Drive Electric Outboard motor is perfect for lakes with gasoline restrictions. The quiet 2-hp power plant will move a full-size pontoon boat up to 5 mph with no fumes, no emissions and no messy gasoline. E-Drive can run up to 2 hours at 100% on a single charge, and features a special tilt-lock mechanism for safe and secure trailering. Our bolt-on transom model connects directly to your boat's standard cable linkage, while the clamp-on mount utilizes Tilt Tiller control. 

Kit Includes: Motor, Control Box, Cables, 2-Keys, and Detailed Instructions 

Price: $2995.00 + $100.00 S/H (Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $247.09)

E-Drive Tilt Gauges

Kit Includes: NEW Tilt Indicator Gauge (With Back Light), Sending Unit, All Cables, and Detailed Instructions. 

Price: $45.00 + $19.95 S/H= $64.95

 (Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax ($3.71)

E-Drive Motor Automatic Tilt Actuators
(New Style)

E-Drive models are powered by intelligently designed actuators with 12V DC motors. They operate smoothly, quietly and dependably, and also feature the industry's highest waterproof rating. 

2008 and later models: 
$375.00 + $40.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $30.94) 

2007 and earlier models: 
$725.00 = $40.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $51.56)

Fort Bend Boats

E-Drive Control Board Kits

Keep Your E-Drive Running With Our New Control Board Kit 
Kit Includes: NEW Control Board, Throttle Control Box (With Back Light), All Cables, 2-Keys, and Detailed Instructions. 

Price: $759.00 + $50.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax ($62.61)