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New Minn Kota E-Drive Motor Systems

E-Drive Electric Outboard 
Minn Kota's powerful E-Drive Electric Outboard motor is perfect for lakes with gasoline restrictions. The quiet 2-hp power plant will move a full-size pontoon boat up to 5 mph with no fumes, no emissions and no messy gasoline. E-Drive can run up to 2 hours at 100% on a single charge, and features a special tilt-lock mechanism for safe and secure trailering. Our bolt-on transom model connects directly to your boat's standard cable linkage, while the clamp-on mount utilizes Tilt Tiller control. 

Kit Includes: Motor, Control Box, Cables, 2-Keys, and Detailed Instructions 

Price: $2995.00 + $100.00 S/H (Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $247.09)

Escape Cruise and Other Electric Boat Motors

Torqeedo Electric Outboards are powerful alternatives to gas engine outboards for environmentally sensitive waters. They are designed for use on Escape Cruz and pontoon boats, fishing boats, and sail boats. They can be used in freshwater or saltwater, and are CE approved. 

Voltage: 24/48 VDC (60 volts maximum during charging), 36 VDC Low Voltage Warning, 30 VDC cut-out. 

Models include a 5 hp,  8 hp, or 20 HP rating, measured at the propeller shaft. 

Options include a short shaft (15 inch), long shaft (20 inch), tiller control

Weight: 15 to 62 KG depending on Model and shaft length

​4 HP- MSRP of $2,999.00 + $175 (Shipping and Handling)

Texas Residents Add 8.25% State Sales Tax ($247.09)

8 HP - MSRP of $4,348 + $175  (Shipping and Handling)

Texas Residents add 8.25% State Sales Tax ($339.08)

This product is sold and serviced exclusively through Fort Bend Boats.

E-Drive Tilt Gauges

Kit Includes: NEW Tilt Indicator Gauge (With Back Light), Sending Unit, All Cables, and Detailed Instructions. 

Price: $45.00 + $19.95 S/H= $64.95

 (Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax ($3.71)

30 day Wartranty on all parts installed by fort bend boats

ALl other part sales are final

E-Drive Control Board Kits

Keep Your E-Drive Running With Our New Control Board Kit 
Kit Includes: NEW Control Board, Throttle Control Box (With Back Light), All Cables, 2-Keys, and Detailed Instructions. 

Price: $759.00 + $50.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax ($62.61) 

E-Drive Motor Automatic Tilt Actuators
(New Style)

E-Drive models are powered by intelligently designed actuators with 12V DC motors. They operate smoothly, quietly and dependably, and also feature the industry's highest waterproof rating. 

2008 and later models: 
$375.00 + $40.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $30.94) 

2007 and earlier models: 
$725.00 = $40.00 S/H

(Texas Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax= $51.56)

Torqeedo Outboard Motors For Your E-Yacht, Escape Cruz or Pontoon Boat