We Have Customers And References On The Following Lakes:

Lakes of Avalon 
Alkire Lake
Artesian Lakes
Avalon at Seven Meadows
Chain of Lakes 
Chrystal Lake 
Cleveland Lake
Chelsea Harbor
Crestwater Lake
Eldridge Lake
Grayson Lakes 
Horseshoe Lake 
Misty Lake 
Lake Olympia 
Lake Paw Paw 
Ragus Lake
River Oaks 
South Shore Lakes 
Sugar Lakes 
Sugar Creek Lakes
Sydney Harbor 
Venetian Lake Estates
Walnut Grove
Windsor Lakes

About Fort Bend Boats

Fort Bend Boats

All Fort Bend Boats Are Custom Built One At A Time

Our Manufacturing Facility In Port Lavaca, Texas

Welcome to Fort Bend Boats, electric pleasure boat specialists. We are a global network of small electric boat enthusiasts, designers, certified technicians, manufacturers, engineers, marketers,and financial specialists. Our network was created as a result of necessity, which was due to the lack of information, parts, service, sales, and other aspects related to this niche in the pleasure boat industry. Most of us have been either owners and/or associates in the larger boat industry for a number of years. But when some of us moved into waterfront residential communities the necessary resources did not exist at a level that would install confidence into anyone wishing to own and operate the boats called for in our deed restrictions. 

These boating restrictions apply to all boats on the lakes in terms of their size, width, methods of power, and acceptable operating conditions. Here in the Fort Bend County area there are fifteen (15) existing waterfront neighborhoods, and an average of four (4) new communities are being built every year. Most community associations have adopted the "Best Practices" mentioned above, leaving their residents with very few pleasure boating options. 

At the time that my family moved into our waterfront home, the boats of choice were the ElDeBo and the Escape Cruz. We owned one of each as we eventually upgraded to the idea of designing and manufacturing our own. And, of course, the Leisure Life Limited ElDeBo and Johnson Outdoors Escape Cruz are no longer being manufactured. As a result, Fort Bend Boats manufactures and markets replacement parts for the ElDeBo and Cruz to help the thousands of owners of just these two lines alone. On our website you will find information on replacement motors, seat cushion covers, electrical parts, and even free information to help you keep your boat running and in safe operating condition. 

We also build standard and custom electric boats which are much more stable, smooth and silent than their predecessors. Both the E-Yacht and El Lago are built from 100% fiberglass and not from plastic like the ElDeBo and Escape Cruz. And while the ElDeBo and Escape Cruz contain wooden components, Fort Bend Boats do not. No Wood No Rot. 
The motors, battery, and electrical systems that we use meet the highest standards in today's marine industry. And with component names like Motorguide, Minn Kota, Interstate, Humminbird, Guest, and others, warranty and replacement parts and services are located wherever water is found. 

That was our vision then, and remains so now. Work hard to help electric boat owners with the highest quality service so they can enjoy their boats with confidence in their durability and lasting value. After all, the LAST thing one wants to do when taking their family and friends out on the lake is to worry about getting back to the dock. And they never will if we do our part with our vision in mind. 

If you do not find the information you need on this website, please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your boating needs.